I reached out to Mrs. Toya Carter due to having issues within my marriage. Not the "typical" issues like cheating but more so issues with my partner not matching my effort. I can honestly say I was fed up with how things were going. Reaching out to Toya helped me consider alternative ways I could go about tackling a long term problem. Now I am WAY more relaxed due to not feeling like I have to be responsible for everything. This is largely due to Toya and her wonderful communication suggestions. Now I know how to better talk with my spouse to achieve the goals I want.

-Atiya Hodges, LCSW- Owner of Transformative Therapy Services


Through countless accountability calls, Toya has encouraged me and motivated me to be the best me that I could be for me and my family. With tough love I'm happy to say that I've found not only my favorite relationship and empowerment coach,  but I've found a favorite friend.

-Natasha Rechelle, Social Media Architect at NatashaRechelle,com