A Year in Review: Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

Happy New Year Mrs. Toya Carter

Wow! 2017. Happy New Year everyone.  I cannot believe it is time for a year in review post already. It feels like I just did this for 2016. I would go into how time is not a real concept but that's not why you are here.

Now let me get into it. 2016, I know for some it was horrible, and yes as a country it may not have been our proudest moment but for me.... well I am blessed. I have finally gotten some things right and this year for me was nothing short of amazing. I am in awe of all the things that happened. 

I sill start with bae, where else would I start lol. I watched this man take crap for me ( a lot less crap but hey I am still a work in progress), go to jobs that he HATED, and then FINALLY step into his purpose. He started his business Cleaneats 2 U and I could not be more proud.  Cleaneats 2 u is a meal prep service that ships all over the country. The meals are very healthy but also very tasty, and fresh frozen. It is a huge hit. Shot out to his loyal customers. 

My Jaden is still a joy and a terror and we have started the potty training phase. My mini me alas has figured out that she doesn't have to be everybody's best friend. Enter in a twerk AND a praise dance. She was able to say no, and stick with it and not feel bad. I think she struggled with the difference in assertive and aggressive a bit but eh we are getting to it.

For me, well I started a new blog, business, and was able to meet some AMAZING women. I was also able to connect with a woman whose work I had been admiring online for quite some time. I was a guest blogger for Amanda Whetstone, Code Red Flag, and a featured blogger on The Social Wives Club, a vendor at More than a Wifey Brunch, a guest on The Real Feel Good Show,  108 Praise Radio, and The Doctor of Love Show. I was able to help several women restore their self-love while assisting a few other women in restoring their romantic love. I will say 2016 had its challenges but I am blessed. Of course, I must mention I self-published my first book!!! For those of you who got the pre-order copy, thank you for the support, and I am so sorry for all the errors. It was definitely a learning experience, and changes have been made.

I am even more excited about 2017 because I am so much smarter, calmer, and more intentional this year. I am days away from launching my new coaching program, added a new service to my list of services, and have plans to just move forward and keep shining the light on love. I really just want women to know they can have it all if they work for it. 

No more playing small for me and I encourage you to do the same. We get out of life what we work for. I recently sent my email list 4 tips to a better new year and I will share one with you. Be intentional, in all things. 

What are your plans for the new year?