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I Get it Disney Promised You the Dream

They sold you on prince charming and a fairy tale happily ever after ending and you intend to get it. Who knew it would be more than just meeting the prince and slaying the dragon. Disney has some explaining to do, but I got you. Your happily ever after is a set of skills away.

With the right communication you could  take that much needed self time you are only able to dream about while you are in the bathroom (with the little ones waiting outside the door of course). You could also eliminate that constant feeling that you two are not on the same page. What if you knew the exact words to say to express your feelings, talk about money, and make sure the bedroom activity was always LIT?

Here is the thing sis, YOU CAN!!!

Have You Been Feeling

  • Frustrated about EVERYTHING, even the way he chews his food

  • Feeling unheard, like you are saying the same thing over and over but nothing is changing

  • You are sure you two are in love but something is off

  • Struggling to be super wife and wonder mom

  • Difficulty understanding why he does not understand you and why you are failing to understand him

  • Trouble with submission

  • Frustrated and confused because the bedroom is no longer popping


If you answered yes to one or any of these you are in the right place. I GOT YOU!!!!

The truth is your lack of communication skills, time management, and lack of self care  is causing you to be frustrated. You are not really mad at bae because he left the toilet seat up AGAIN. You are mad because you feel he doesn't care about your late not bathroom breaks. The sex was amazing a year ago but  the kids, the job, and constantly feeling tired have caused a huge strain. Proper communication can solve that. If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting the same results. You will feel unheard, unappreciated, the resentment will build, and we both know what happens when resentment sets in.

Imagine if You Could

  • Communicate your needs in a way he understands (because we really don't have time for the toilet seat to be up)

  • Manage your time and schedule like  BOSS

  • Get that old thing back in the bedroom and have it poppin like it used to be

  • Take off the super woman cape and allow him to lead and be the King of your castle

  • Create the fairy tale you have been dreaming of since you were first introduced to Disney


If this sounds appealing my coaching is so right for you. I help women get THEIR version of happily ever after every day. I was once a newly wed with a newborn and I was googling divorce. The first year of my marriage was very trying. It seems like AFTER we paid all that money and said I do we couldn’t get right. I knew we loved each other and I was determined to make it work. So instead of doing the traditional lets go to counseling together I went alone. I started reading every marriage book I could find. I revisited my counseling couples textbook from my Master’s degree, and as Auntie Iyanla says “I did my work.”  Hear me when I say  working on me was the best thing for us. As I presented a more improved version of myself (I stopped operating like a control freak single mom, and started resting in my femininity and started speaking life into my husband and my marriage among other things) to him he was able to match my glow up. I was able to ask for what I needed instead of assuming he knew and then getting mad when he didn’t. I gave him room to lead me instead of always trying to be in control and more. It hasn’t been easy but with these exact tips, skills, and strategies I plan to teach you we have created our own happily ever after.

So here is how you can Work With Me

Let's face it sis talking to your girlfriends has gotten you no where.

You are still coming back to the same issue. It is time to talk to me.

I get it you don't believe you need weeks and weeks of help you

just need an hour to go over one things specifically. You want to do

a calendar haul, talk bout why you are so tired and have no time

for things you want, or you and bae recently stopped seeing eye to

eye and you are looking for professional objective skills and

strategies. This one time hour call is for you.

happily ever after

This is my current signature offering. Over the next 6 weeks we will

take a deep dive into what is going on. I will hold you accountable

as you work on you. Because let us be honest for a minute it is not

all him sis. Take this time to learn to love on you, set goals,

communicate better,find energy to do all the things, and I can even

help you with some bedroom tricks.



past clients have said…


Do you ever wish you had that one person in your life you could go to for advice on it all… relationships, parenting, time management, life goals, organization?  For me that has been Mrs. Toya Carter. Seriously, she is like Yoda for today’s woman. (only in wisdom, not in appearance) She has been a trusted friend for many years and no matter what kind of emotional mess I come to her in, she always leaves me feeling better and like I have a plan to handle it. She has a way of taking things that seem out of control and putting them back in my control. She is also the one I can count on to kindly tell me what I need to hear, even if it isn’t what I want to hear. Thank Toya, you have made my life a better place.

-Erin Roberts, Social Worker


Toya has really helped me overcome the major challenges that were preventing me from having the relationship that I desired to have with my significant other. She helped to learn to communicate more effectively so that we fought less often and were able to actually "hear" each other. I also discovered how important it was for me to take time to care for myself so I'm not lost in the relationship. We're much happier now and I owe that all to Toya!

-Amanda Whetstone, Owner of


Mrs. Toya Carter was super helpful in getting me back on track. She helped find my truth when I wasn’t being honest with myself and also helped redirect my path. Try her.... she’ll get you right. Her honesty, straight talk no chaser approach, her observation, and her directness is EVERYTHING you need. It was like talking to a really good friend who just wanted you to win.

-Zanetta Yett,  Owner of Zaza Lorraine Boutique