Calling all WIVES!!!!

Looking for a place where you can learn and unwind with other like minded women? Are you tired of the same old same old in your marriage? I get it we all have our jobs, routines, and even kids so the easiest thing to put on the back burner is your marriage, right? NOt really because that only makes things worse. Things can get stale, and even conflicted quickly when your marriage is in last place. Have you been experiencing the following:

  • Talking to your husband and he just doesn’t get it

  • Forget the same page you two are in different books

  • Small things turn into big things and before you know it you are arguing but you are not quite sure why

  • Your to do list includes every one and every thing EXCEPT you

  • You have forgotten who you are outside of being his wife and their mom

  • There is a lack of intimacy and he feels more like a roommate than a husband

  • You are missing a sense of community with other married women

I understand. Ever wished there was a place you could go to listen to a professional who not only has book knowledge but real life experience. A licensed professional who can give you expert, evidenced based, realistic advice. A professional who can give you practical tools to implement into your life and enhance your marriage. Ever wished there was a place you could go to talk to other married women? You know a place where it is safe to say “my husband gets on my nerves” and then five minutes later say “I am so in love with my husband” and there is no judgement because they understand you. Then the Wives Only Bootcamp is for you!! Don’t worry the only heavy lifting will be from a catered breakfast.

Join Us!!!

We would love to have you on June 1, 2019 from 9am-1pm. La Toya Carter M.Ed, LPC and Tiwana Bell MSSW, LCSW are hosting an intimate boot camp where they will discuss the following:

  • Healthy Methods of Communication- because communication is more than the words you are saying

  • Maintaining your Identity- remember the goals and dreams you had before the ring

  • Self Care- because it is survival not selfish

  • Reclaiming Intimacy- sex is great (and needed) but there must be a connection outside of the bedroom too

The fun doesn’t stop at the discussion. Along with a Q and A you can expect:

  • Breakfast catered by a chef

  • Practical tools you can implement immediately to help strengthen your marriage

  • Experienced and professional speakers who will deliver a stunning and interactive workshop

  • A Safe Place to Network with other Wives

  • Wonderful gifts and Outstanding surprises

  • Amazing Resources Available

we cant wait to meet you!!!!

Wives Only Bootcamp

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Just in Case You need it

Installment plans ARE available, Call 817-899-0306 for more information.
Initial deposit of $100 IS DUE April 12, 2019 for all payment plans.

See you JUne 1, 2019!!!!