Hey I'm Toya

A professional helper. Before I met my husband I really was not marriage material, and the truth is I had no idea. I thought my degrees, ambition, my daughter being smart and well cared for,  and having my own made me any man's dream. Wrong! I had a broken heart and a huge chip on my shoulder. Sure I had stuff, and i looked great on paper, but what I didn't have was the ability to compromise and  communicate among other things, and a wife needs to be able to do both...and more.

Fast forward I did a lot of work internally, met my husband and became his wife. I was again clueless. I didn't really know beyond cooking cleaning, and sex what to do to make him happy or make my household run effectively. Being a wife is so much more than those simple tasks. We struggled initially as I grew into my new role. I still had work to do, but I was determined to get it right.

Soon I found myself so wrapped up in being his wife, and taking care of the kids (yea I had a second baby) I forgot about me. I have always been career oriented and had big dreams but for a while they were like a raisins in the sun, dried up and forgot about. I was miserable. I kept thinking this is not what I signed up for. I again worked on me, and while we are not perfect we are very happy. My husband is more than satisfied. My kids are happy, fed, and alive (most days that is the only goal lol). Oh, and me, I work full time in my degree field, and  I am pursuing my dreams with this cocahing business!

I have now taken all the work I have done to help myself, along with the knowledge of a Master's degree in Counseling, and 10 plus years of experience in the helping professions and decided to help other women just like me. There is no need for us to struggle alone. 

So who am I? In short, I am a woman who decided to go for it. Professionally, I am a woman who helps women become or remain victorious wives while still being awesome women. I am a woman who helps single women love themselves so they can love someone else. I do this through my blog, book, coaching packagesspeaking engagements, courses and workshops. Personally, I am a wife, mom, lover of Starbucks, Hennessey, carbs, and all things office supplies.