2015 Mom's Guide to all Things Holiday- Traditions

Today I am doing something a little different. I am doing a blog hop!!! I am linking up with some fabulous bloggers to bring you the 2015 Mom’s Guide to all Things Holiday!


No this is not another gift guide, but some other ladies have done that if you are interested. I want to talk traditions. Now in real life I am not the most traditional. I mean I gave away alcohol shots as a gift at my baby shower lol. However now that I am married and have expanded my family I have been thinking a lot about my traditions and what I want my children to remember.

Holidays are about family time correct? Well my family is HUGE. So this means aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends, play brothers, roommates, this year we even had coworkers. This means a lot of conversations, laughs, and of course some side eyes.  I have noticed how easy it is for me to get caught up in old stories, cousins that used to spend the night with me, or even talking to older people about marriage and my little family gets lost in the shuffle of the larger family. So this year I decided I wanted to take a minute for me and my family in the chaos.

During all the fun and commotion I gathered my troops, we went into and room and had a talk. Yes, it was awkward initially. My husband went into protector mode and was all “what’s wrong babe” my daughter thought it was time to go and she had a sad face but after I explained it was all good. We said a small prayer and just checked in. Then big sister took baby brother and left us alone for a minute.

It was maybe only 10 minutes total and it is a very small tradition I will be implementing for holiday gatherings but it kept us all connected amongst the larger group. It gave my husband and I a second to look into each others eyes and say I love you. I want my children to know and remember their parents love them and each other. I want them to know even amongst all the family mommy and daddy are here if they need a second to just breathe. It was my small way of many to model a good example of love for my babies because yes they are watching!

See I told you I am not the traditional type but I am all for creating the new normal for my family. What type of traditions do you have? How do you stay connected to your immediate family during the holidays?

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