Love Is A Verb- 5 Ways To Show It

Saying I love you is fantastic. It feels good we all like to hear it. It's even better if your spouse's love language is words of affirmations. Still love is a verb. You need to be constantly doing something to show your love!

I know with working in or out of the home and children it makes it hard to focus on your spouse. We are humans and we need rest. We get tired. I have definitely been guilty of allowing my spouse to get whatever is left. Which, in my profession and having two children is not always a lot (enter as much shame as possible here).

This is not ok. We have to be intentional with our love. We are married, so we need to constantly show him we love him. Even when we are tired, and he has worked our last good nerve, we must go the extra mile. So I am leaving you five easy ways to show him love today. Enjoy!!

5 easy ways to show love
1. Random act of kindness
2. Do his chore
3. Offer him sex without him whining about the lack thereof
4. Leave a love note
5. Cuddle next to him and watch FOOTBALL unless he is a jumper when good plays are made, in that case watch some movie with him HE LIKES

See that list is very short and easy. Thank me later lovely! 

Tell me how you show your husband love?