Get that Guilt all the way out of here!

Before you can get in the door someone is yelling "momma." you stumble in tripping over toys and over-sized men shoes when all you really want to do it go to the bathroom. You handle the kids, but forget to kiss bae. There is no time anyway because you are rushing out the door to extracurricular activities for the kiddos. You come back home feel bad because your kids eat chicken nuggets and think french fries are vegetables. You then stare at your laptop building your business, watching that webinar, or trying to redesign your site. You look up from what felt like 15 minutes and its now bed time and you have spent no real quality time with the people you love and the guilt sinks in. I get it. With this easy to digest email series you will learn

  1. How to schedule family time and chase your dreams
  2. How to make sure bae is getting what he needs
  3. That no matter what you are enough and you can achieve your goals
  4. And more...

So now when you come home you have a routine and your family does too. They know you need to go to the bathroom before you meet their needs. You have prioritized your time and some days you will spend staring at the laptop and other days you will spend staring at them. You can have it all and not feel guilty about it.