Bring Sex Back to your Bedroom- 15 Day Email Challenge

The last thing you want your man to have to ask you for is SEX. The truth is sex is like water in a relationship. It is freaking mandatory (see what I did there). however life happens. There are so many things to do and sex is often the thing on the list we put off for another day, and lets be real that day rarely comes. He has gotten so used to it he is barely looking at you because no wants to look at something they cant have. You miss the look but you are not doing anything about it.

I get it there is always something to do. Work, side hustle, work out, self care, meetings, did I even mention the kids and their extracurricular activities, what about mom and dad? This leaves no room for great sex. The mind blowing stuff the beginning of your relationship was filled with. Now all he getting is the LAZY leg lift while laying on your side and he is lucky to get that. Sis, he is not happy with that, and quite frankly you are not either.

I got you though sign up for my FREE 15 day sex challenge.  Over the next 15 days you will receive

  • Emails (that are short to read because you are busy) with useful sex tips
  • Prompts for the day so it doesn't become yet another thing on the to do list
  • Something to look forward to because sex is FUN
  • A challenge the two of you will do together creating intamacy both in and out of the bedroom

Sex is very important in a relationship. The lack of sex breads and atmosphere of mistrust, Sex is the one thing yo give only to your partner. Why not give it often? take the challenge and reconnect with him. Bring the life back into your relationship as he will definitely appreciate that you are making time for him and his needs. Thank me later!