Run backwards if you have to Just Follow Your Dream

tredavious white

Saturday I was watching college football with my two fave guys, and we happen to be watching the LSU game. Stay with me and stop rolling your eyes, I promise I am going somewhere with this post… We watched as Tre’Davious White ran 22 years AWAY from his end zone, only to score a touchdown.  Let me break this down for you. He went in reverse for 22 yards and even my dad was like “WHAT IS HE DOING”!! Then as he made his way to the end zone he calmed down.

You see Mr. White ran in REVERSE and essentially allowed his offensive line to get in formation so he would be protected as he ran for the touchdown. Yall he went BACKWARDS, it was crazy!! However, in going backwards he was able to go forward and score, which is the point of the game anyway.

The reason this was so phenomenal is because he knew what he was doing. He had a plan and he executed it like a BOSS. He understood that going forward to soon would have led to him being tackled. Essentially, he followed his own plan despite looking crazy and got the job done. Which we all need to do more of in life, love and business.

In life we are told to go to college get a degree and the job and money will come. As a person with two degrees I can tell you this is not always the case. I know people who barely got out of high school, and they are doing just fine on the job and money front. Then we all know the entrepreneurs. Who dropped out of college and are having the times of their lives. Launching products making 6 figures A MONTH and living their best life. You know what all these people have in common? They followed their own plan.

Girl he is not tall enough, de doesn’t make enough, he is isn’t good enough for you… Listening to those people will have you single. So what if he is short (Eniko hart is winning and Kev is NOT 5’11). You have to follow and create your own rules for love. Being superficial and listening to others has never in the answer. I am not saying turn a blind eye and get with a man who is more like having a child I am saying be true to you an what you want in love.

Often times in business people frown on doing free stuff. People feel like they have come to a place where free is not for them. Well there are so many things wrong with this because charity is important and you should always give back.  Giving value only adds to your brand. Drake gave us a mixtape then dropped an album. Usher just did a free concert for the kids in his hometown. On a smaller scale if speaking at an event for free is going to get your name out there why not? Do not let people who have “made it” talk you out of giving, or even investing or that matter. You have to do what makes sense for your business.

Stop worrying about being on the right path, or doing thigs just right. Start doing things. That is the only real way to make progress. Run backwards if you have to. Pay for that coach, class, end that relationship, or hell say in the one you are in. Whatever it is that is in YOUR plan, DO IT! Be unapologetic as you chase your dreams on your terms even if everyone else thinks you are doing it wrong. Sometimes going the wrong way initially will allow you to go the right way even easier.