Communicate better with Bae- 3-day Email Course

Every time you say something it is like he doesn't hear you. Yet he is the one saying you don't listen. There is this tension building and you honestly do not understand why. The number of petty arguments you two are having is driving you crazy. You have even started to question if he is the one. The truth is he probably is, you two are just struggling to communicate.

Over the next three days let me help you understand:

  1. Why non verbals are 1 the most important factors in communication
  2. The art of listening
  3. The three different communication styles and which one is the best.

Understanding these three things will help bring the peace back to your house. You can get back to enjoying your man. Proper communication will allow you to give him the honey do list, and hear the list he is giving you.

Get access below.