Is your Marriage Ready for the new Year?

marriage and the new year

I still cannot believe it is 2017. Like time really does not wait for anyone. So here we are beginning February, but we are still feeling pumped about the year ahead. It’s something magical about the beginning of the year. Everyone is pumped and excited about the future.  People are proclaiming this is their year and I LOVE it. I personally don't mind people saying new year new me I am here for everyone improving themselves. We are right in that magical space where you really decide if you are going to stick with your goals or not. So I figured it was the perfect time to address your marriage!

During this time of new beginning, everyone has great intentions and we are all ready to conquer the world. We have pumped ourselves up for world domination! We set our resolutions and finally decided to publish that book, start that company, and live a fabulous life. However, in all your planning did you consider your marriage? Have you set goals for your union? Or do you think it will just run on auto pilot? The one thing that should be at the forefront of our minds is often left to an afterthought.

We think about our weight loss, and set a workout schedule but did we schedule date night? We have decided on a meal prep company (because ain't nobody got time for that) but what have we planned or put in place for our marriage? Without proper planning, we are going to be two hot, business owners who have fallen into roommate syndrome.

So how do we combat this? My husband and I have business meetings! I know you ready with the side eye because this is love and not a business, right? Nah now I am giving you side eye because like it or not this a business. Don’t believe me just watch.

A business is defined as a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade. So wouldn't wife and husband fall into that category? If not we need to talk a little more in depth, email me personally here. As a wife, there are regular duties you perform same with being a husband. You have a job to do outside of cooking and cleaning. So back to my original point.

 My husband and I have a business meeting to discuss the business of our marriage. We discuss our kid's schedules, bills, and schedule some time for us. The importance of this meeting is to keep communication open. Open lines of communication work wonders for the marriage.

We also have goals for our marriage whether it is how we show love, frequent sexual adventures, or whatever else we decide. So in addition to the kid's schedules, and bills we use this meeting as a time for us to check in and see what we are doing great at, and what we could be dong better. I work better with goals, and progress checks he respects that and gives it to me.

With it now being February people are going to be thinking about Valentine's day and sex but I want you to make sure you are giving your husband the best of you every day and not just in February. So here are a few things to remember to make sure your marriage is healthy and ready for the new year:

1.  Your words matter, he needs your encouragement. You are his biggest cheerleader. He needs your support. With your words, he can feel like Superman or Pookie from new jack City so make sure you are constantly lifting him up. It doesn't matter who tells him he is great he wants to hear it from you.

2.  Loving him means taking care of you. Sometimes taking care of you means taking a break. Take time for you. I know what you are thinking, Girl you said this was about my marriage, and it is. Still, when you are feeling your best you can give him your best

3.  Express gratitude. The number one complaint I hear from men (yes I work with men too) is that they do not feel appreciated. I think when people get married they assume that because he is the husband he has to do things when this is not true. Ask the married lady who doesn't know where her husband is at night.

Just remember when you are setting your intentions, praying, seeking, and planning do not forget your marriage. What have you done for your marriage lately?

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