3 Ways to Feel Sexy No Matter What

feel sexy

When it is time to “get sexy” most people think of the normal lingerie and heels. I think sexy starts with a mindset. You can be a size 0 and if you are not happy with this no pair of heels or thong will make this better. On the flip side you can be a 20 and if you are confident you can rock a teddy with some heels with no worries.

Sometimes when we look in the mirror we are just unhappy with what we see. Maybe we have had children, gone through a depression, or just never put our health and bodies on the priority list. This shouldn’t and doesn’t mean we are not sexy. Sure we may not look like the women on the magazine covers, but neither do they without their glam and photo editing teams.

You are not the only person who feels some type of way about their size, in fact most people do. Skinny people want to be “thick” and thicker people want to be small. This is the reason the health/ fitness/ nutrition business is a billion-dollar business. I mean really, who has not heard of Jenny Craig, CleanEats 2 U, Weight watchers, and Beachbody. How many weight loss shows are there now? We have all cried and watched Biggest Loser for one season or another. I liked Shaun T’s show as it had a nutrition element to it, and I am currently hooked on Fit to Fat to Fit. There are also meal plans, pills, and protein shakes for people trying to gain weight. Most people want to change their bodies in one way or another.

This is why I believe sexy starts with your mind first.  Sexy, for me, has less to do with appearance and more to do with an attitude. Do you remember Ticorra from America’s Next Time model? She was in a room full of skinny chicks on a model show. The world we live in says skinny equals beautiful and honestly I only remember her from her season. She had such swag, and extreme confidence that made her stand out, and be sexy. Her presence and aurora made you want to look at her.

Are you going to wait until you can wear a medium shirt to decide you are sexy? It usually does not work like that. When people lose weight they still struggle with their body image. They continue to buy large shirts when they can now fit a small. No matter your size confidence and the color black will go a long way. You have to know you are more than the number on the scale or the roll you are trying desperately to hide with your bra. Tell yourself you are sexy until you believe it.

Long term, if you are unhappy with your weight or size only you can change this. You have control of how often you move and what you place in your mouth. Changing your body will include exercise and proper eating, the end. I could go on and on about this but that is not why you came to my page, so I will not bore you with those details. If you need help with nutrition go here.

feel sexy

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help you feel sexy now:

Know and trust the person you are with is with you. Meaning they genuinely love you no matter your size. Sure everyone has a type but eventually love replaces the proverbial type. There is a plethora of happily married couples who will tell you they didn’t marry their type. This does not mean let yourself go, and we all know when we have tipped the scale, or pants size too far you don’t need your spouse to tell you that.

Accentuate the positive. If your man likes your boobs, get something that has the girls sitting up as if they are on a platter ready to be served, and maybe flows out around your mid-section. If your husband is like mine and is more into big derrieres dress accordingly. Every woman has something great about her body it is just drawing the attention to that feature. If it is your legs wear some killer heels that make them look even better.

Pre game before the main event. Don’t know how to pregame? Well remember before an event, party, or outing, you and your friends would meet at the designated friend’s house for drinks and fun prior to the main event, that is the pre -game. Now this will look different for everyone so do what makes you feel good.

 For me it is shaving, showering, and of course sipping. I primp, dance, and do things that make me feel better about me. How do you feel when your legs are freshly shaven and you put your favorite oil on them? For me it is an immediate self-esteem boost, and it makes me feel super feminine. I sip some wine Hennessey on ice and listen to music.

Music is key for me here. The right song can get me in the right mood. So play your theme song. I have a few… Chris Brown- Back to sleep, Urban Mystic- Best Part of my Day, Ro James- Permission, oh and Beyonce- Rocket (this song starts with “let me put this ass on you” how could you not feel sexy). Need more music inspiration, check out my love making play list here. The wine Hennessey,  getting pretty and the music just makes me feel ready to rock his world.

Try it!