3 Reasons why Sex is important in Marriage

sex and marrige

Sex, sex, and more sex. Now that we got that out of the way, let's have a real conversation. We live in a society where sex is everywhere right? Remember the freaky Hardees commercial that had some men ready to eat a burger a day? Like what the hell is sexy about a burger? Even the M&M candy commercials have started to have some sexual innuendos. But it is the world we live in.

If it is so common, which it is, then why are people, married people, in particular, shying away from talking about it? Especially in the proper setting. Better yet why are some married people shying away from having sex. 

Recently I spoke at an event and when I mentioned scheduling sex the ladies dam near shut down like I called their mothers the B word. I was shocked because I was at a mommy and me event which meant everyone had had sex before. Then I thought well maybe they don't want to schedule it because that makes it seem too impersonal. Nope, they didn't want to talk about it because they were not doing it.

Then if you watch reality TV (and we all know I do) Kirk, in defense of his recent cheating scandal, was talking about how his wife, Rasheeda has not been having sex with him. Let me feel you in... Kirk and Rasheeda are married and have been for years. Now there is a possibility he has fathered a child with another woman. While having some man to man talk he kept saying that Rasheeda was not giving it up and she was rolling over on him when he touched her. Let me note Rasheeda is like many of us, a BAWSE. She has children, a couple businesses, and I am not sure if she is still rapping or not. So she is busy. Which was also part of his argument. I am not making excuses for her simply giving you a full picture.

On top of all this, I recently overheard a conversation where a woman proudly discussed not being sexual, giving her man oral sex, and exclaiming that he married her for reasons other than sex. Sis, really? We all get married for reasons other than sex but I think it is naive to think sex has nothing to do with it. This is not the traditional days where we are marrying for a dowry, or to expand territories.

Aside from the great pleasure, and instant feeling of calm sex is very important in a marriage. Consider this...

Sex is the one thing you share with your mate that you don't share with anyone else. The world gets your smile, your job gets your strong work ethic, your kids get your love. You give it all to everybody...except the sex. You save that for bae right? So why be stingy with it? Sex is what keeps the two of you from falling into roommate syndrome.

It is an intimate conversation with body parts that creates immense trust. The ability to truly be free and unapologetically say I like it like this, touch me there is so freeing. More than that you are trusting that your partner will comply without judgment. That type of trust builds real intimacy. 

The lack of sex, when both parties are healthy, breeds and atmosphere of distrust. It does not matter how liberal, trusting and free you are in your relationship, go too long without sex and you will start to wonder who has been hooking your boo up. It is just that simple.

I understand, maybe sex is something so intimate to you that talking about it seems ridiculous. Or maybe you are having lots of great sex and you don't feel the need to talk about it. The tea is everyone else IS talking about it So whether you talk about it or not make sure yo are doing it. I get it, maybe you are not as liberal and as free as I am but sex in your home is a MUST. Need some pointers, tips, and just a way to take sex off the to-do list and into the bedroom? Join my 15-day sex challenge HERE. I dare you!!!!

4 Ways to Fight Fair in Love

fighting fair

What is the number one rule in having a healthy disagreement with your partner? In the words of one of my favorite movie characters "You have to fight fair you know that."- Dr. Patricia Agnew from Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. She so eloquently summed up how to disagree and move on when it comes to your relationship. We have got to stop hitting below the belt just because our emotions are high.

Communication is the building blocks of real intimacy. Don't believe me? Consider this, there is something that you do to your husband that he loves (mine likes when I.... - yea its none of your business lol, feel in your own blank). How do I know he loves it? He told me. Now that I am clear on what he likes I am able to be intentional about doing it. If he never told me then we would not be able to share such special moments. That is why communication is so important.

Think about it this way most of the conflict/disagreements, or whatever cute word you want to use to describe the emotion filled conversations you and bae have are over a lack of communication. You are not mad because he left the toilet seat up. You are mad because of the perceived lack of care for your booty. Real communication is an art. A complex piece of work that has several different layers. It is more than the words we say and needs to be practiced often. There are so many rules to help us communicate better, but in the heat of the moment, we forget.

I will admit I have struggled with communication... a lot. I could blame my parents and their poor communication styles, but the truth is I know better so I should do better. I have studied communication as a part of my career and yet when it came to me and bae I was struggling. I couldn't hear what he was saying because I was too ready to respond. I failed to express my concerns because I was ready to attack. I was a hot mess. What does all that have to do with you? I put together my favorite four tips to fighting fair so you don't have to be as hot a mess as I was.... thank me later.

1. Tell the whole story. Too many times when we are communicating we run off a list of wrong doings and never tell it all. We are not really mad because he made the wrong turn at the light, we are mad because he didn't believe us when we told him to turn the other way. Him not believing us translated to us that he didn't value our knowledge. It is ok that he has been working long hours what is not ok is that we feel neglected and like he has no idea what's going on at home. The point is to make sure you are sharing with him the emotion behind the anger.

2. Avoid loaded words! You know what I mean, those words that under any other circumstance would be fine but since you two are having a disagreement it is judgemental and disrespectful. Oh, you don't know? Let me give you an example.... "Go call your little friend and tell them to..." Now on any other occasion, the word little would be fine. However, in this situation, it is dripping with disrespect. 

3. Stop bringing up old stuff!!! Part of good communication is sticking to the issue at hand. Not bringing up old stuff to make your side of the disagreement seem more valid. Why does it matter what happened two years ago? Did you leave him? Have you had fun with him since? Would you want him bringing up something you did two years ago? Ok then move on. Keeping track of perceived wrongdoings does not allow room for growth. As a couple, you two should always be growing together.

4. Close your mouth and listen. So maybe that was two things but you get my point. I know ladies, this is not our favorite. We have got to start listening to what is said instead of listening only to reply. Also, everything you think doesn't have to be said. Sometimes it is ok to allow him to have the last word. This was really hard for me. I was the type to just keep arguing even though I knew he was probably right because I was too far in lol. Crazy I know, the growth is so real.

So here is the deal, you are going to have disagreements in your relationship. I personally think if two people agree 100% of the time someone is not being real. That being said the disagreements do not have turn into arguments, and huge blow-outs if you follow the rules. Want more informton about communication? Join my FREE email course. How do you fight fair?

Keep Some of your Tea and Protect his Image

Protect his image

Girl I would not deal with that if I were you. No honey my man could never do anything like that. These are responses I have been guilty of giving in the past. I know shame on me. Now before you start side eyeing, think about the last time your girlfriend came to you in tears. How did you react?  It wasn’t until I actually got married that I realized just how difficult marriage can be, just how much I was willing to take, and how everybody else’s opinion is just none of my business.

Everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING!! Trust me I know. Don’t believe me? Look on any social media outlet and you will see people expressing those opinions. When it comes to religion, politics, and other social issues people have very strong opinions. Should they be allowed to have these same strong opinions about your marriage? I say yes.

Some of you are about to stop reading but hear me out. When we watch reality TV, regular TV, look at a person’s social media, see someone struggle with their toddler in Walmart, whatever the situation we form an opinion. Go ahead and say you don’t. We all felt some type of way about everything. We judge the network marketers calling it a scam, we judge the girl selling bundles because her own hair is a mess, we even judge the mother in Walmart whose son is running in a circle and screaming. It is not nice, but it is human.

So why is your marriage any different? People are going to have thoughts and feelings about your marriage and I encourage you to let them have them. What other people think about you and your man is none of your business. What I do NOT encourage is that you indulge them. How someone else feels about your relationship is none of your business. Learn to set that boundary. This is important because as much as we say otherwise we care what other people think. If we didn’t we would not even listen to what they have say.

I had a friend once and she was my best friend. We were always together. When you saw one you saw the other. We were so close that there were gay rumors despite me having a daughter. She started dating a guy who no one thought was right for her. She was happy though so I went with it. She came to my house one day in tears about something he had done. Clearly, this was not the first time. Well, my very opinionated mother heard the conversation and threw in her 25 cents (yes it was way more than 2). My friend shortly thereafter stopped taking my calls and no longer wanted to be my friend because of what my mom said.

I had resentment for a while but the truth is she was more than likely ashamed. After we sat around and bashed him (notice I say we) she went back to him. How was she ever going to look at us again?  I am a real friend so I would have kept it moving and he never had to know what was said but she told him. He helped her end the friendship. They eventually got married. A year or so later he told me he had to establish boundaries for the two of us, and admitted he intentionally broke up our friendship but I digress.

The point is you have to keep some things to yourself.  If she had not spilled all of her tea, we may still be good friends. I understand the need to vent. It is healthy to get some things off your chest but you have to choose the environment. Everyone is not a good ear for your dirty laundry. Best practice is to have that one married friend. It is easier for a married woman to understand your frustration. My mentor once told me the reason he declined to speak about his wife is because if we were to ever meet he would not want me to be jaded or feel some type of way. He had no idea the lesson he taught me that day.

He taught me part of my responsibility as a wife is to protect my husband’s image when it comes to the people in my life. I know it seems like a lot of responsibility but it comes with the territory. If you come to work always complaining about money, the toilet seat being up, or just complaining about your home life, in general, they blame your husband. They do not know him so they have to assume what you are saying is accurate. They don't realize that whether intentional or not your version of the story is more than likely jaded. So now when your husband shows up to the company picnic everyone is side eyeing him and whispering, while you stand looking all kinds of confused.

So befoe you share that story with your good girlfriend, or your mom think about this:

  1. You are going to forgive him.
  2. It is really none of their business.
  3. Is this something he wants the world to know?
  4. Do you trust this person with your secrets?
  5. Would you want him to share this information about you?

As a married woman, I can say with confidence your husband will take you there. He will have you planning his murder at 8am and by 8:30 he will be your prince charming again. Your friends and family will not be so forgiving. When it comes to him their emotions will not move as quickly. So never bad mouth your spouse to other people.

Need more encouragement just think how Beyonce must have felt. Her sister attacked her husband.She never said a word (that I saw) about either of them she kept it moving, put it in a song, and secured another bag.All while being unbothered by others opinion and you should too…

What is the last story you told about your husband? Was he the hero or the villain?

4 Positions to Drive Him Wild

With it being love day and all I know everyone is thinking about the chocolate, wine, steaks and of course some good ole bedroom action, and I am no different. This post however is…

Every woman wants her man to be crazy over her. We want to feel like his life revolves around us, and would kiss the ground we walk on. Ladies, am I right? We want out man to smile at us proudly as we kill whatever goals we have set for ourselves, and simultaneously rip our clothes off like we are Halle Berry’s porn star twin in the bedroom.

This is the reason why #relationshipgoals is a trending hashtag on social media. Not a believer? Look it up and you will see an array of pictures. You will find pics displaying pride, lust, and everything in between. Girlfriends and wives everywhere are drooling over the way Jay Z holds Beyonce’s ankle. While cheering and leaving smiling emojis as we discovered that Tammy took back Wacka. Let us not forget the time Former President Barack Obama cupped his First Lady’s rear end *swoon*

The thing women are forgetting is we have to stimulate his MIND and his body. Sure you can be a gymnast in the bed, and even be the best he ever had, but if that is all you have the relationship will never make it out of the bedroom. How will he brag to his friends if his only memories with you are in the bedroom? Those stories will eventually get old. If he serious about you he will not want to talk about your bedroom behavior instead he will want to talk about your business venture, the time you graduated from college, your new promotion at work, or how loving you are with the children. He will want to talk about a woman who is bringing more to the table than her plate.

 As cliché, as it sounds a man, wants a LADY in the streets and a FREAK in the sheets. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask any man. It can be a lot but you are trying to get to those relationship goals right? So here are four positions that are sure to drive him wild in and out of the bedroom.

Ride him, cowgirl. This will allow you to take control while giving him a full view of you and allow his hands to roam free. Men love when the woman takes control so give him what he wants!

Doggie Style. In this position, he is able to go deeper, and move at his own pace. So for the times when he needs to dominate and feel like a king, this is a perfect position.

Standing tall. A woman who is confident, about her business, and takes care of her business is a turn on. If you are truly standing tall you will have no problem stimulating his mind, and showing him things he has never seen before. Remember confidence is the best thing a woman can wear.

On your knees. Instantly you thought about an oral transaction, and those are good too but there is nothing like a praying woman. A lady who knows where her strength comes from will be able to be her man’s backbone when he needs it. Whatever your faith is you have to have a source. God, Universe, Buddha whomever you have to get your strength from somewhere, and faith comes from prayer.

Use these positions and watch him fall in love with you all over again. He will notice the changes and suddenly you are the giggling girl with your man looking lovingly at you. Thank me later ladies, and happy love day.

Which position will you be trying tonight?


Is your Marriage Ready for the new Year?

Is your Marriage Ready for the new Year?

I still cannot believe it is 2017. Like time really does not wait for anyone. So here we are beginning February, but we are still feeling pumped about the year ahead. It’s something magical about the beginning of the year. Everyone is pumped and excited about the future.  People are proclaiming this is their year and I LOVE it. I personally don't mind people saying new year new me I am here for everyone improving themselves. We are right in that magical space where you really decide if you are going to stick with your goals or not. So I figured it was the perfect time to address your marriage!